Santa Barbara promo for facebook1 Leah Williams at Energy Tattoo 2016.jpg
forearm script tattoo by leah williams.jpg
Watercolor fox from "The Little Prince"
watercolor lilies tattoo by leah williams.jpg
Watercolor Map with Compass, Sun and Moon
diving bird watercolor tattoo by leah williams3.jpg
Abstract Watercolor Brushstroke Sleeve by Leah Williams
lilac foot tattoo by leah williams.jpg
Peach Bud Watercolor tattoo by Leah Williams
Watercolor plumeria flowers by Leah Williams
Matching His and Her Watercolor Birdcages
Jellyfish Tattoo by Leah Williams
"Outline of the hand and rose were from artwork the client brought in. Final piece stylized and watercolor added by Leah.
Compass Mandala
Fig Tree by Leah Williams @ Energy Tattoo
Black & Grey Watercolor Roses
Watercolor rose with splatter by Leah Williams
Botanical Trail Guide Style Flowers
Arrow and ampersand watercolor abstract collaberation by Leah Williams
Watercolor Roses by Leah Williams
Simple Bird tattoo by Leah Williams
Jellyfish tattoo by Leah Williams
Bunch of beautiful carrots by Leah Williams
Abstract Watercolor Lily Tattoo By Leah Williams
Watercolor feather tattoo by Leah Williams
Prickly Pear Cactus Tattoo
Watercolor Fall Leaves
Tropical flower watercolor half sleeve by Leah Williams
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