Energy Tattoo & Piercing

Energy Tattoo & Body Piercing was started in 1999 by Nic and PJ Ferrante.  We welcome locals and visitors to come by and meet our staff.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next tattoo or piercing project.

Our Artists strive to provide each and every client with the best experience possible.

For tattoo clients we offer free consultations with our artists where you can take the time to discuss your concept in person at no charge.

We encourage custom drawings for all tattoos and therefore will require a tattoo deposit when scheduling an appointment to get tattooed by one of our artists.  This deposit will be credited towards the final cost of your tattoo, however, is not refundable.  What does this deposit get you?  A piece of art that is hand made for you!  A lifetime of beauty is what we think!!  Call into the shop at (805) 564-6779 to schedule your consultation appointment.

What we provide our piercing clients: a positive experience starting with anatomy consultations with a staff member who can offer assistance in choosing the best jewelry and placement for your piercing.  Weekends can get very busy so we strongly suggest an appointment.  Call into the studio at (805) 564-6779.

All clients have the choice of the following metals for fresh piercings:

Surgical Steel 316LVM (ASTM F-138 Compliant)
Titanium 6Al4V (ASTM F-136 Compliant)
14K Yellow & White Gold (Nickel Free)
Glass (Lead Free)

Already pierced?  We offer amazing earrings and jewelry for non-stretched earlobes, and carry a large selection of handcrafted organic jewelry for healed piercings:

Horn/Bone/Shell - Wood - Glass - Brass - Silver - 14K and 18K Gold (Nickel Free)



We go above and beyond the highest industry standard in cleanliness and sterilization.  With two sterilizers on site, all jewelry is processed prior to insertion in our case and your piercing!

Needles are one time use only and disposed of in a medical sharps container.  All reusable clamps and set up tools are cleaned by using a three step decontamination process ending in autoclave sterilization.  Our autoclaves are tested monthly through an independent laboratory to ensure proper sterilization is being achieved.  We keep the spore test results on file, and will gladly share them with you if you're interested!

What is Required...

We require that all clients be drug and alcohol free, and request that they have eaten a meal within 4 hours prior to an appointment.

For tattoo customers, the minimum age is 18 and proof of age is required.  Acceptable ID includes the following:  government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, permit, military ID, passport, or school ID with birth certificate.

We need the ID every time you would like any procedure performed, even if you have shown it on a prior occasion.

For piercing only:  anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian present with their government-issued photo identification as well as the birth certificate and a photo ID for the minor being pierced.

Minor piercings are limited to clients between the ages of 16 and 18.  This service requires an appointment.

Please do not bring children with you if they do not have an additional person to act as a caretaker.  We ask that you respect the permanent process that our artists are performing by limiting the distractions during your appointment.